Mother's Day

My family was never a traditional Mother's day family--my mom didn't like to go to brunch or take family pictures that day. But I know she still appreciated the crappy cards she got from us when we were kids and the goofy painted rocks we gave her (I think she still has one? That's a story for another time)

So many mothers are amazing--I am not one, but there are many times I ask--how did you do that? And moms being as they are, will often just say--you just do. I am always impressed by mothers who can hold down a job and raise a family, when on any given day I am often not thrilled with how I have done my job. So even if you buy nothing from the shop, treat your mom nicely.

But of course, buy something for mom from the shop! If you are in Windsor-Essex, you can still pick up in time. If you are further away, I can ship, just not in time for Mother's Day.

Click here to buy her one of our reusable sandwich or snack bags and she can think of you every day and use less plastic. It's a win-win! 

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