News from the farm

  • What sustainability means to us

    While we by no means think we have it all figured out, and can always do better, by keeping the principles of sustainability in mind for both large decisions and small, we can all make progress towards lessening the impacts of climate change and making sure there are still plenty of resources available for our descendants seven generations from now.

    What does sustainability mean to you?

  • Our farm restoration

    When we first moved onto our property we had no idea what we were doing and often joke we should write a book about “stupid things city folks do upon moving to the country”. Now that we have been here a while, we have fully embraced the country lifestyle and love walking the property and seeing how much it has changed. It is truly now our oasis. While it has constant challenges, we have learned an incredible amount while living with nature and are still learning every day. We are trying to balance natural restoration with becoming a working hobby farm and while we do not have even close to all the answers, we are trying our best.
  • Mother's Day

    My family was never a traditional Mother's day family--my mom didn't like to go to brunch or take family pictures that day. But I know she still ap...
  • Kitty-tested catnip

    A few days ago, we shared a picture of Stella, one of our test kitties. We also have a story about random street-test kitties. This cutie pie did a...
  • What we stand for

    Our farm is where we are happiest and one of our goals is to share the happiness and products that we enjoy here. While plants, free-range eggs, an...
  • Spring is trying to get going and so are we!

    We have been producing eggs through the winter and they are a hot commodity right now so be sure to act fast if you need some. That is a constant a...