About us

Dennis and Kirsten first moved to the area in 2003, when they both got jobs as professors at the University of Windsor. They had both always wanted to live on a bit of land and have animals, so they were excited to buy a 10-acre property just north of Harrow. Not coming from a farming background, they like to think of their approach as learning through trial and lots of error. Their learning process has taught them the importance of making sustainability a key aspect of their approach. They have worked with local groups to enhance their land’s biological diversity; they have also gained a new appreciation for the complexity of balancing the environment with agricultural needs, and the decisions that local hard-working farmers must consider every day.

Sustainability is evident in Dennis and Kirsten’s production of pasture-raised chickens and turkeys that are given as much access as possible to open space and natural foods. Their free-range chickens produce eggs that have deep yellow yolks and free-run ducks produce large delicious eggs that are especially good for pickling and baking, as well as eating on their own. The restoration of their property has also allowed Kirsten to indulge herself in gardening by producing native seeds and plants—Dennis works hard in his garden to supply the household with fresh veggies and on occasion large amounts of produce mean that he can share with others. Both Dennis and Kirsten are dedicated to providing the best possible products for their clients.